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11 Countries with The Lowest Taxes in Europe

With a top tax rate of 10%, Andorra is an excellent spot for investors, entrepreneurs, and individuals with generational wealth.


At a flat 10%, Bulgaria has the EU's lowest personal income tax rate, making Bulgaria an excellent second residency or citizenship option.


Personal income in Czechia is taxed at 15% and 23% depending on its amount.


Personal income in Georgia is subject to a flat tax rate of 20%. However, the country has no shortage of special tax regimes for investors ad entrepreneurs enabling tax rates as low as 0%.


Gibraltar's benefits as a low-tax residence are available to anyone. Income above £105,000 will be taxed at a flat rate of 25% (27% for the next two years).


Income tax rates in Malta range from 0% to 35%, depending on the amount of income. Maltese residents' foreign-sourced income kept outside of the country is tax-exempt.


Tax residents in Monaco don't pay any taxes in Monaco, as their personal income is taxed at 0%, making it an excellent second residency option.


Portugal is not a low-tax country, but its Non-Habitual Residence program offers tons of tax exemptions (especially on foreign-sourced income) for ten years.


Switzerland is a pretty expensive place to live, but it has one of the highest standards of living in the world, with a maximum tax rate of 11.5%.


The UK is a high-tax country, but by exploiting the difference between domicile and residence, certain foreigners can live in the UK and pay an annual flat tax thanks to the country's Non-Dom system.

The UK

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