Zero-Tax Countries: Where to Move to in 2024

Whether you’re a digital nomad, a crypto investor, a successful entrepreneur or just plain old wealthy, there are plenty of reasons to reach for your suitcase in 2024.


Choosing destinations is complex, with many jurisdictions vying for high-net-worth residents through tax incentives. Understanding zero-tax countries is crucial for financial planning. Despite various options, some prefer traditional tax-free havens. Let's explore these limited options further.

Tax-free countries offer temporary tax benefits tailored to suit your lifestyle. Popular choices include Brunei, Monaco, Gulf states, and Caribbean islands.

Zero-Tax Options Around the World

However, lifestyle preferences should guide your decision-making, considering factors beyond tax incentives. The Gulf countries, notably the UAE, offer advantageous tax conditions, but thorough offshore and tax planning is increasingly necessary.

With so many changes worldwide, it’s a relief to know there are still numerous countries where you can pay zero tax, even in places that don’t ostensibly have zero taxes.

Alternative Low-Tax Destinations

You can go to a country with territorial tax – a system where you pay tax at local rates if you have a job or run a local company. It’s the same with stocks or real estate – if they’re local, you’ll pay tax at the local rates. However, if you have foreign-sourced income somewhere else, it’s not taxed.

Let’s say you have investments or a company in a jurisdiction that’s zero tax but live in a territorial tax country where the overseas company is not taxed – you are effectively paying zero anyway.

Now, it’s not always as straightforward as setting up a company overseas, as there are specific rules to territoriality. For example, if you work from a territorial tax country while operating a business elsewhere, you have to prove you’re not deriving income locally.

One destination that Nomad Capitalist founder, Andrew Henderson, recommends is Malaysia. In Malaysia, you only pay taxes on income brought into the country.

If you want to live all over the world, you can legally arbitrage tax residency rules to your advantage in emerging countries that are off-radar but are great places to live and invest in. However, you’ll need to plan this carefully, and that’s where Nomad Capitalist comes in.


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