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Why Non-Extradition Countries Won’t Save You

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Note: None of this is legal advice. If you have a legal issue prompting you to think you need a non-extradition country, you should call a lawyer and take legal advice before going offshore.

No respectable Citizenship-by-Investment (CBI) program is going to approve someone genuinely worried about indictment, and nor will an offshore trust withstand legal scrutiny if you’re aware of an issue while setting it up.

Countries like Georgia lack an extradition treaty but might cooperate. Small islands without treaties won't harbor criminals to protect their reputation.

Why Extradition Treaties Don’t Matter

Nomad Capitalist, specializing in international tax, observes a global trend of increased cooperation among countries against financial misconduct and alleged criminality.

Despite no formal US-UAE extradition treaty, Dubai handed 'Hushpuppi' to the US. The UAE, now a business hub, values its image and cooperates globally against criminality.

Countries With No US Extradition Treaty – Theory vs. Practice

That case debunks the notion of Dubai as a 'non-extradition country.'

France shelters Polanski despite extradition treaty with the US. Ghislaine Maxwell's multiple citizenships complicate bail. Holding multiple citizenships may have downsides, like difficulty in legal matters. 

High-Profile Extradition Cases

Brazil's non-extradition myth clarified; it applies only to 'natural born' citizens. Citizenship shields cases, like Snowden's in Russia, but lying during dual citizenship acquisition risks revocation.

Non-Extradition Country Myths

Non-extradition doesn't guarantee immunity; Bankman-Fried's case highlights potential legal liabilities even without extradition treaties.

If the reality of the extradition process hasn’t turned you off searching for non-extradition countries, consider the places you can go: – War-torn Ukraine – Sanctioned Belarus – African nations like the Congo, Burkina Faso or Djibouti

Countries Without Extradition

Livable countries like Vietnam and Indonesia are recommended for asset protection. However, Nomad Capitalist promotes playing by the rules and transparent practices. We prioritize legal strategies, aiming to rehabilitate the offshore industry's image.

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