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Platinum vs Gold Investment

As a high-net-worth individual and entrepreneur, you are likely familiar with the most popular investment options, stocks, bonds, ETFs, and commodities. Are you looking for further diversification?


Here we will examine an investment option worth considering that you may not have taken into account and how it compares to gold.

Precious metals are rare metals that generally have a high value, depending on rarity, use in industrial processes, and value as a hedge against currency inflation.

Precious Metals

The 8 metals considered precious and used by investors and in industries are: – Gold – Silver – Platinum – Palladium – Rhodium – Ruthenium – Iridium – Osmium

Platinum, 15 times rarer than gold, was once more valuable. Primarily used in auto catalysts and jewelry, it's heavier and harder than gold. Despite being scratch-proof, platinum jewelry is often more expensive than gold.

What is Platinum?

Platinum, 30 times rarer than gold, is valued for industry. Its price fluctuates with demand. Options include physical investments or "paper" options like mutual funds and ETFs. Trading poses challenges.

Platinum Investments

Gold, historically backing currencies, attracts investors for diversification during crises. Options include physical ownership or non-physical investments. High-net-worth individuals favor offshore gold storage for long-term wealth protection.

Gold Investments

Whatever metal you choose to invest in, whether it be silver coins, gold bars, or platinum, your choice will be guided by your goals and motivation for investing.

Platinum vs Gold

For stable long-term investment, choose gold—a reliable choice during economic crises. Platinum offers medium-term potential with higher returns but higher volatility. Assess risk tolerance for optimal investment.

Investment Goals

Currently, platinum is sitting at around half the price of gold. – Platinum $980 per troy ounce – Gold €1,955 per troy ounce When it comes to platinum vs. gold investment, historically, gold’s price per ounce has outperformed platinum over a period of 30+ years.


Both platinum and gold are considered liquid investments since they can both be traded for cash. However, gold tends to be a far more liquid metal due to the high volume of trading that takes place daily worldwide, including in the paper markets.


Clearly, investing in precious metals, such as gold and platinum, offers advantages for high-net-worth investors and entrepreneurs. These assets not only diversify an investment portfolio but also have a historical track record of maintaining value and are easily accessible.

However, it is important to acknowledge that investing in precious metals comes with unique risks and challenges that may not be present in more commonly chosen investments like stocks or bonds.

At Nomad Capitalist, we recommend that anyone who invests in precious metals moves at least a portion of those offshore to a safe, secure, and neutral jurisdiction.


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