What is Panama's ‘Red Carpet’ Visa

Think again if you imagine Panama as full of dirt roads and rural squalor. With modern transport infrastructure and consistently high temperatures, Panama appeals to many Americans.


Panama actively encourages expats to live, work, and invest there, offering a variety of residency options. The 'Red Carpet' Visa, introduced in 2020, allows for quick permanent residency without the need to be physically present.

So, What Is Panama’s ‘Red Carpet’ Visa?

Investing in Panama for permanent residency involves options such as real estate, securities, or fixed-term deposits, with the investment typically totaling at least US$500,000.

How to Qualify for the ‘Red Carpet’ Visa

The investment, sourced from abroad and held for five years, can be in real estate, securities, or a fixed bank deposit, with an exception allowing a US$300,000 real estate investment during the initial two years after the legislation's introduction.

For an in-depth view of the application process, read our How-to Guide.

Applying for Panama’s ‘Red Carpet’ Visa

Panama's strategic location, granting access to North and South America, and its proximity to the Panama Canal, offer enticing prospects for investors. With a mere 7.5% corporate tax rate for qualifying micro or small entities, Panama's tax system favors businesses.

Why Invest in Panama?

Panama’s Qualified Investor ‘Red Carpet’ Visa: FAQs


No. If you’re applying through this visa program, there are no residency requirements. However, you may need to visit the country a few times during the application process.

Do I have to live in Panama to apply for a ‘Red Carpet’ visa?

No. Panama’s Friendly Nations Visa allows citizens of certain nations who maintain a healthy relationship of reciprocity with Panama to qualify for citizenship after five years of residency.

Is Panama’s ‘Red Carpet’ the same as the Friendly Nations Visa?

After approval, the visa is granted and subject to review after five years. If you fail to give the immigration office proof of your investment at this time, your visa will likely be cancelled.

How long does Panama’s ‘Red Carpet’ visa last?

Panama's 'Red Carpet' visa ranks highly for its fast processing and simple application. You don't need a residence in the country, offering flexibility.

How does Panama’s ‘Red Carpet’ visa compare to other similar programs?

No. It grants the investor permanent residence. However, you are able to apply for citizenship after five years.

Does Panama’s ‘Red Carpet’ visa grant citizenship?

Most live in Panama City, the largest urban centre in the country and the capital of Panama. Panama City is a modern centre of global trade that offers modern conveniences and amenities.

Where in Panama do most expats live?

Panama Red Carpet Visa is an ideal backup option for those seeking residency in Latin America. For high-net-worth entrepreneurs and investors, having a Plan B is an essential way to prepare for all of life’s eventualities.


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