10 Lower Tax Countries That Will Surprise You

Navigating taxes isn't straightforward, and it's easy to overlook crucial details. One common blunder is judging tax-friendly countries solely by their headline rates. Note: This isn't personalized tax advice. For tailored tax planning and asset protection, contact us.


- offers a high quality of life with progressive income tax rates ranging from 20% to 45% and a 19% Corporation Tax rate. Entry can be challenging post-Brexit, but eligibility for Irish citizenship or Commonwealth status can ease the process.

Western European Countries 1. The UK

For residency in Ireland, obtain an Irish Residence Permit. You can live, study, or work here. Alternatively, invest through the Immigrant Investor Program, with options like €1 million in an enterprise, €1 million in an approved fund, €2 million in an Irish REIT, or €500,000 in donations.

2. Republic of Ireland

Italy's lump sum tax program requires high-net-worth individuals to pay €100,000 annually, exempting them from various taxes. It offers an appealing option amid Italy's high personal income tax rates.

3. Italy

Greece's lump sum program entails paying €100,000 annually for up to fifteen years for tax relief on foreign income. Residents enjoy exemptions from reporting and inheritance taxes on foreign-held assets.

4. Greece

Serbia, with a moderate corporate tax rate, emphasizes personal freedom. It's not EU-bound, allowing a flexible tax regime where rates could be minimized with strategic planning.

Lower Taxes in Eastern Europe 5. Serbia

In Georgia, a territorial tax system means lower taxes with careful planning. Tax residency offers a flat 20% rate on local income, and property taxes are up to 1%, making it ideal for investment.

6. Georgia

Panama isn't a zero-tax jurisdiction; it taxes local income but not foreign income. With proper planning, you can minimize or eliminate taxes. They also offer the Friendly Nations Visa for residency.

Lower Taxes in Central America 7. Panama

Costa Rica, a favored retirement destination, offers a territorial tax regime advantageous for foreign earners. Residence permits are available, but processing times can be lengthy.

8. Costa Rica

Uruguay, the "Switzerland of South America," offers a European ambiance and tax advantages. Tax residents enjoy 11 years of tax-free foreign income and industry-specific incentives.

Lower Taxes in South America 9. Uruguay

Colombia is a growing expat-friendly destination, perfect for our Trifecta Strategy followers. Non-residents spending less than 183 days yearly are tax-exempt on foreign income. With dual citizenship, it's ideal for obtaining a second passport.

10. Colombia

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