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The 13 Least Densely Populated Countries in the World

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There is less overlap between a country’s total land area being small and the least densely populated places than you would think.

13 Countries With the Lowest Population Density

Greenland, with 0.14 people per sq km, is the world's least densely populated country. Despite its vastness, only 57,000 people inhabit this 2.2 million sq km island, rich in wildlife and natural beauty.


Falkland Islands: 0.31 people/sq km, British Overseas Territory, 3,800 residents in 12,000 sq km, British rule since 1833, 1982 conflict with Argentina.

Falkland Islands

Western Sahara, with two people per sq km, spans 266,000 sq km, housing 587,000 residents. Despite its potential, it faces instability due to territorial disputes.

Western Sahara

Mongolia, in north-central Asia, spans 1.6 million sq km, housing 3.4 million people. With a growing economy and trade agreements, it's an emerging market.


Namibia, on Africa's southwestern coast, covers 825,600 sq km with 2.6 million people. It boasts an elite port, excellent roads, and a skilled young workforce.


Australia, the smallest continent and one of the largest countries, spans 7.7 million sq km with 26.4 million people. It promotes foreign investment in key sectors, offering incentives. Consider an investor visa or remote work options for flexibility.


Iceland, with four people per sq km, is a North Atlantic island with 375,000 residents in 103,000 sq km. It offers digital nomad visas, promotes startups, and relies on 99% renewable energy. Safe and welcoming in 2023.


French Guiana, with 4 people/sq km, is a French territory in South America. Covering 83,500 sq km, it houses 312,000 residents, bordered by Brazil and Suriname. Known for its Amazon rainforest, it's growing in aerospace and tourism, aiming for 500,000 population by 2040.

French Guiana

Libya, with 4 people/sq km, is in North Africa, bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, Egypt, Sudan, Chad, Niger, Algeria, and Tunisia. Despite vast energy resources, corruption and instability impede its progress.


Suriname, with 4 people/sq km, is a small South American country bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, French Guiana, Brazil, and Guyana. Recent oil discoveries offer economic opportunities in a relatively uncrowded market.


Guyana, with 4 people/sq km, is in northeastern South America, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, Suriname, Brazil, and Venezuela. It's English-speaking and boasts rapid economic growth, primarily driven by oil.


Canada, covering 10 million sq km, is the second largest country globally, yet it's sparsely populated with 38.8 million residents. Embracing remote work, it offers numerous coworking spaces for digital nomads.


Mauritania: 5 people/sq km, African country, 1 million sq km, 4.9 million residents. Investment focus: extractive industries, livestock, renewable energies, easy registration, no minimum capital.


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