How Does Italy’s ‘La Dolce Visa’, Work?

Italy’s Golden Visa, known as La Dolce Visa, is increasingly sought after by those seeking residence in Europe. The Italian Golden Visa program grants a renewable residence permit to non-EU citizens who invest in the country.


The Italian Investor Visa program was introduced in 2017 by the Government to promote foreign direct investment. The program grants a residence permit that is valid for two years.  After this, the permit can be extended for up to three years.

What Is Italy’s Golden Visa?

The investment options range from a minimum of €250,000 to $2,000,000 in an Italian government bond. This visa is valid for two years after it is first issued. It can be renewed for three more years and after five years of temporary residency, applicants can become permanent residents in Italy.

1. Invest €250,000 in an innovative start-up enterprise 2. Invest €500,000 in an Italian limited company

There are four options:

3. Donate €1,000,000 to an initiative that supports education, immigration management, scientific research and preservation of culture and natural heritage 4.  Invest €2,000,000 in Italian Government Bonds.

Italy's Golden Visa lacks a real estate option, unlike Greece and Portugal, which recently altered their schemes. Italy offers one of the cheapest schemes at €250,000.

Is La Dolce Visa Becoming More Attractive?

For Italy’s Golden Visa program, the Ministry of Economic Development has created an online portal for investors to apply for a Nulla Osta, a certificate of no impediment necessary to apply for residency.

How to Apply for The Golden Visa

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