How to Renounce Your US Citizenship

A few years back, Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin chose to renounce his US citizenship and become a citizen of Singapore instead. More recently, Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong similarly declared his intention to renounce his citizenship.


The ability to renounce your citizenship is an inherent right available to everyone. According to one survey, roughly one in four expats seriously considers renouncing their US citizenship and, in 2023, more than 5,000 people, double the amount in 2022, pulled the trigger on the renunciation process.

Choosing to renounce citizenship means forfeiting rights like voting in elections and gaining access to federal jobs. For many, the decision to renounce is driven by the burdensome requirements of foreign income reporting and taxation.

Why do People Renounce US Citizenship?

Renouncing requires much more than simply giving notice and throwing out your passport. It is a legal process that requires your physical presence and involves paperwork, interviews and money. 

The Renunciation Process

Renouncing citizenship must be done in person at a US Embassy or Consulate abroad. This avoids complications within the United States and streamlines the process.

Choose Where to Renounce

Once you've chosen your renunciation location, expect two interviews. Confirm your appointment by calling, as online scheduling may not specify the purpose. These steps vary, but typically involve ensuring your decision is voluntary and finalizing it with an oath.

Complete the Interview Process

Throughout the renunciation process, you'll receive and complete various documents. Once sworn in, these papers are sent to Washington, DC for processing. Despite renouncing on the day of oath, it takes months to receive your Certificate of Loss of Nationality.

Await Authorisation

If you’ve planted the correct flags before renouncing – such as getting the right second passport, setting up your business offshore and establishing a new ‘tax home,’ – you can quickly move on to a life of greater freedom and opportunity.

What Happens after you Renounce US Citizenship?

But renouncing does come at a cost, both financially and otherwise. Read our article for insights into what you should be prepared to deal with after renouncing your citizenship.

How much does it cost to renounce my US citizenship? Currently, the cost to renounce US citizenship is the US$2,350 application fee. Although there is talk of this fee being reduced, that has yet to happen.

How to Renounce Your US Citizenship: FAQs

Americans living abroad can renounce their US citizenship. However, the process can be challenging and involves meeting several conditions, including filing a final tax return, signing an oath and more.

Is renouncing US citizenship hard?

US permits dual citizenship with 60+ countries, mainly in Europe and Latin America. Ways to obtain include investment, descent, naturalization, marriage, and birth.

Can I have dual citizenship in the US?

Renounce citizenship in person before a foreign diplomatic officer. Your application goes to the US State Department for processing and a final decision.

Where do I renounce my US citizenship?

If you want to live all over the world, you can legally arbitrage tax residency rules to your advantage in emerging countries that are off-radar but are great places to live and invest in. However, you’ll need to plan this carefully, and that’s where Nomad Capitalist comes in.


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