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How to Obtain French Citizenship By Descent

France has slowly moved away from jus soli (any child born in the country's territory automatically acquires its nationality) and towards jus sanguinis, the 'right of blood' regarding its citizenship.

French Citizenship by Descent (CBD)

You can be eligible for French CBD if: 1. At least one of your parents was a French citizen at the time of your birth, or

Are You Eligible to Get French Citizenship by Descent?

2. You're an adult born in a foreign country to a French mother who, at the time of your birth, retained her French nationality, or 3. Your French parent passed their nationality to you on the day of your birth while they  retained their French nationality. For points 2 and 3, the parent-child relationship with the French parent must be established while the child was a minor.

France requires all generations to be registered as citizens before you apply for your own. For example: – If your parent has French roots via their own parent, they would have to apply for their citizenship before you could obtain your own.

All Generations Must be Registered

– Similarly, if you have children, your French citizenship must be registered and obtained before you try to get them their own French passports.

When neither you nor your parents have had anything to do with France for 50 years (such as contact or links with French authorities via passport renewal, voter registration, or consular registration) and have resided outside of France, you won't be eligible to receive citizenship.

Contract with France (Possession d’état de Français)

You will need to get in touch with the Department of Nationality for French People Born and Established Outside of France and submit your application with the following documents: 1. Proof of identity 2. Proof of residence 3. A copy of your birth certificate

Application Process

4. A copy of your parent(s) birth certificate(s) 5. All documents establishing your parent's French nationality 6. The marriage certificate of your parents 7. (If parents aren't married) a copy of the certificate recognizing and proving parentage You will also need to pass a language and culture exam.

– One of the Strongest Passport – Thriving Economy – High Living Standards – Allows Dual Citizenship

Pros of French Citizenship

– One of the Highest Tax Rates – Worldwide Income Taxation – Language Barrier

Cons of French Citizenship

France can be great if you are okay with putting together a time-taking application, passing a language and culture test, and paying high taxes. In that case, reach out to Nomad Capitalist, and let us handle your CBD process.

Is French Citizenship by Descent Worth Your While?

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