The World’s Highest Government Bond Interest Rates

The World’s Highest Government Bond Interest Rates

Tracking global markets reveals insights into currency collapses. Investing in high-yield assets like government debt demands careful consideration amidst fluctuating currencies.


This isn't investment advice; you're responsible for your decisions. Here are the highest yielding government bonds as of September 2023.

Government Bonds With High Interest Rates

Argentina faces hyperinflation (113% rate), economic collapse. Peso hits record low (0.0029:1 vs. USD). Bonds yield high, banks offer 112% deposit.

Argentina Government Bond Interest Rate: 40.45%(One year)

Egypt's investment potential is mixed: thriving property market but economic mismanagement. Headline inflation hits 39.7%. Sovereign bonds offer high interest rates amid governmental instability.

Egypt Government Bond Interest Rate: 26.8% (Six months)

Turkey faces a five-year economic crisis, high inflation, plunging currency. The World Bank signals potential turnaround with interest rate hikes, tax increases. Government bond yields surpass 20%.

Turkey Government Bond Interest Rate: 21.7% (Two year)

Kenya's economy shows signs of stability amid political tension. President Ruto implements tax system for fiscal strength. Bond repayment could strain economy. Kenya's debt at 67% GDP, risky investment.

Kenya Government Bond Interest Rate: 14.9% (One year)

Brazil faces challenges with bureaucracy, political turmoil. Economy rebounded in Q1 2023. Real's decline amid political unrest. High sovereign debt rates offer investment opportunity.

Brazil Government Bond Interest Rate: 9.7% (Two years)

Namibia's currency pegged to South African rand. Government debt projected to soar to 69.6% of GDP. Sovereign credit rating downgraded to junk status.

Namibia Government Bond Interest Rate: 8.7% (One year)

India's changing economic landscape. Growth potential with stable inflation. High public debt but efforts to tackle bad loans.

India Government Bond Interest Rate: 7.2% (Two years)

Bahrain's oil-dependent economy rebounds, but national debt concerns drive up yields.

Bahrain Government Bond Interest Rate: 6.3% (Two years)

Any investment is potentially risky, and investing in government debt typically based in random foreign currencies can be especially risky, even for experienced investors. Read our article to get more information.


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