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Happiest Countries in the World

Happiness is a serious matter; the UN established March 20 as International Day of Happiness. This web story delves into how we measure happiness and the top countries from the latest World Happiness Report.


There are six measures that, when combined, make up the Gross National Happiness (GNH) of a nation. They are: – Gross Domestic Product. – Social support. – Healthy Life Expectancy. – Freedom to make Life Choices. – Generosity. – Perception of Corruption.

What Makes a Country Happy?

Before we get to the happiest countries in the world, let’s remember the nations where happiness is in short supply. Of the 137 countries listed, the Republic of the Congo, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Lebanon, and Afghanistan sit at the foot of the table.

Happiest Countries in the World

The Netherlands is the 17th-largest global economy with a population of 17 million and an average monthly salary of almost $3,300. It's consistently one of the world's happiest nations.


Iceland, a remote Nordic island with low population density and €2,800 monthly salary, excels in tourism, fishing, power, and pharmaceuticals. 


Denmark, 2nd happiest country, GDP grew by 3.8% in 2022. "Hygge" fosters well-being. Low crime, high trust, social cohesion, strong welfare, high taxes for free healthcare, education, and work-life balance.


Finland, 6-time happiest country, 5.54 million people, $4,207 monthly salary, 82.48-year life expectancy. High taxes fund quality of life, health, and happiness. Strong infrastructure, trust, transparency, and freedoms.


The UN's World Happiness Report helps nations improve happiness. Common theme: belonging, trust in government, and social conditions in the happiest countries.


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