Five Low-Tax Countries in Latin America

Valuing personal freedom is tough. Latin America's vibrant lifestyle and low-tax options make it an enticing choice for those seeking optimal living.


Latin American territorial tax countries, with clearer rules, let residents avoid global income taxes. Utilizing the trifecta method and residence permits, tax-free living is achievable by strategically managing time and affairs.

Discover Low-Tax Latin America

Choose Latin America for tax benefits and flexibility, particularly in territorial tax countries.  See the list of countries below.

Territorial Tax Countries in Latin America

Costa Rica taxes local income, exempts foreign earnings. Corporate rates vary (5%-30%). Residency options: $2,500 monthly income, $60,000 deposit, or $200,000+ property investment. Talks of a tax system change have occurred, but Costa Rica currently maintains its territorial tax system.

1. Costa Rica

Panama taxes local income, exempting foreign earnings. No wealth or estate taxes. Personal rates range 0%-25%. Panama corp tax is 25%, but foreign companies owned by residents are exempt. For tax efficiency, plan based on your company setup.

2. Panama

Uruguay's 10-year tax-free window for foreign income, then 12% tax on dividends. Waive it for a 7% tax. Recognizes foreign taxes, easing residency with a $1,500 monthly income or a $460,000 property investment.

3. Uruguay

Mexico appeals to North Americans with cultural ease, personal freedom, and potential tax advantages. Despite not being zero or low-tax, strategic planning can yield opportunities for relatively lower taxes.

4. Mexico

Deposit $4,500 for Paraguay permanent residence. After a brief stay, get an ID and spend 120 days for fiscal residency. Territorial tax system exempts income outside Paraguay. File a 'no tax due' return for maximum benefit.

5. Paraguay

Latin America offers easy entry with low requirements, from small investments to minimal time spent. Unlike Asia, it provides tax-friendly paths to citizenship. Whatever you decide, it will take planning.

Pay Lower Tax in Latin America

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