16 Countries with No Income Taxes

16 Countries with No Income Taxes

In countries without income tax, like the Bahamas or Maldives, tourism fuels government revenue, enabling tax-free living for residents. Alaska, reliant on oil, shares its wealth with residents, while Nevada thrives on tourism, both avoiding income tax imposition.


Living in the Bahamas offers a tax-free paradise with its breathtaking beaches and investment opportunities. Temporary residency requires a mere US$1,000 payment, but permanent residency demands property investment of at least US$750,000.

The Bahamas

Bahrain, enriched by oil, offers tax-free living and vibrant expat communities in cities like Manama. While permanent residency is attainable with retirement, property investment, or a steady income, citizenship requires fluency in Arabic and 25 years of residency.


Bermuda, famed for pink beaches and no income tax, accommodates visitors with short-term permits or work visas. However, note the 9.5% payroll tax, shouldered by employers or self-employed individuals.


Brunei's oil wealth sustains its income tax-free status. But living there can be daunting due to strict governance and limited expat-friendly policies.


Residency in the Cayman Islands demands an annual income of $147,000 and a $1.2 million investment for Grand Cayman, with an eight-year wait. Alternatively, choosing lesser-known islands may require lower investments, offering a zero-tax option for those with substantial funds.

Cayman Islands

Kuwait, rich in oil, avoids income tax and boasts a high expat population. But gaining citizenship or residency relies on familial ties or local employment, making permanent settlement unlikely.


Enjoy tax-free bliss in Maldives' overwater bungalows, thanks to its resort-driven economy. But long-term residency or citizenship is near-impossible, with stringent eligibility criteria.


Monaco, a haven for the wealthy, offers zero income tax and straightforward residency. It attracts high-income individuals seeking tax-free living.


Oman, sustained by oil, avoids income tax. Expats require connections due to limited investment opportunities and conservative culture.


Qatar, wealthy from oil, maintains conservative culture with modernizing influences. Expats face challenges to attain permanent residency.


For tax-free citizenship, consider Saint Kitts and Nevis. Its citizenship-by-investment is affordable and efficient, taking less than a year. Donate $250,000 or invest $400,000 in real estate for citizenship.

Saint Kitts and Nevis

Moving to a tax-free country sounds appealing, but it's complex. US citizens must deal with taxes unless renouncing citizenship. Not all 16 countries are covered here; for the full list, read our article.


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