9 Best Jurisdictions for Company Incorporation

When structuring companies for wealth, think globally and outside conventional bounds. Offshore incorporation offers tax benefits, though beware personal tax implications.


The British Virgin Islands (BVI) offers a tax haven for offshore company registration. With its reef-lined beaches and simple setup process, it's ideal for managing companies remotely.

1. The British Virgin Islands

Hong Kong, Asia’s premier business hub, offers low taxes and a strong reputation for incorporation. With the Hong Kong Tax Exemption Claim, zero corporate tax is possible for offshore profits, though meeting requirements is essential.

2. Hong Kong

The UAE is a top global business destination with low taxes and strong government support. Despite no longer being a zero-tax regime, it remains an attractive option for foreign incorporation due to its favorable conditions, including a corporate tax rate of 9%.

3. UAE

The Cayman Islands offers a 0% tax rate but high setup costs. You can establish an exempt company if you work internationally and don't conduct business on the island. Banking is only available for residents, making residency an option to avoid personal and corporate taxes.

4. The Cayman Islands

Panama's strategic location and favorable tax environment make it Central America's economic hub. With a territorial tax regime, foreign-sourced income can be taxed at 0% if your business is properly structured.

5. Panama

If you want to live in EU, the countries listed above won’t work to establish a company because most of them are blacklisted jurisdictions. While not zero-tax countries, the following are the best options for paying lower corporate tax if you live or want to establish a base in the EU.

Best Jurisdictions in EU

Many people are beginning to realise that they can work from anywhere in the world. The more you earn, the more the requirement there is for proper planning. 

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