Nomad Capitalist Report
November 16, 2013
Dateline: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Topics discussed on this show: Day trading overseas, living in Colombia, location independent business

[00:55] Andrew opens the show talking about the first step in freedom, especially financial freedom: having a location independent income. He discusses that location independent incomes don’t have to be built around websites or online businesses. He encourages listeners to look for alternate ways to generate money to fund your expat lifestyle.

[06:01] Guest: Marcello Arrambide (Twitter)
Andrews talks with truly international man Marcello Arrambide, editor of Wanderin.g Trader and a global day trader who makes money trading stocks online. Marcello shows Andrew how he got four (yes, four!) passports, offshore bank accounts, and more.

More importantly, Marcello shares his strategies for trading stocks online from anywhere in the world, and making consistent money wherever he is. Marcello talks about his favorite places to do business in South America, including Colombia, where he is now opening his first on-the-ground trading academy business.

He shares why you should give Brazil a pass and consider Colombia instead. Plus, much more.

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