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Founder of Nomad Capitalist and the world’s most sought-after expert on global citizenship.


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Andrew Henderson wrote the #1 best-selling book that redefines life as a diversified,
global citizen in the 21st century… and how you can join the movement.

Radio Shows

US vs. third world countries, Republicans won’t change anything, easiest second passport: Radio Show #60

Nomad Capitalist Report November 8, 2014 Andrew recaps the US mid-term elections and explains why nothing will change in The Land of the Free… no matter who many Republicans, Democrats, or Whigs get elected. 01:39 The US midterm elections are over with Republicans taking control of the Senate and gaining ground in the House of Representatives. Andrew thinks many so-called “freedom loving” voters may think lower taxes and more freedom are on the way. 02:54 The entire political process is a total sham that no political party can fix. 03:06 Don’t expect lower taxes in the next two years. 04:08 Republicans won’t stop wealth confiscation, high regulations, or the ongoing war on freedom of speech. Republicans winning won’t change anything and they admit it; it’s all about control. 04:44 No matter what the Tea Party says, Republican candidates look just like third world oligarchs, with candidates like Ed Gillespie. 06:15 Florida Governor Rick Scott spent $70 million to buy his first election, another example of oligarchy and buying elections. 08:00 Republicans and Mitch McConnell started the deficit problem when George W. Bush was president. 09:00 At least Barack Obama is somewhat honest about loving socialism. 11:05 Last time Republicans were in power, they barely even lowered personal income taxes. 39.6% to 35%?… whoopee! Plus, they took millions off the tax rolls only for them to say the rich weren’t paying their “fair share”. 12:50 Your patriotism is causing you to have faith in a broken political system. 13:16 George W. Bush’s administration used the IRS to target political enemies the same way Lois Lerner and company targeted Tea Party groups. 15:14 Expatriating does not make you an evil traitor or unpatriotic. 15:34 No one can fix the insolvent banks or the bankrupt FDIC. 17:07 The US has so many business regulations that can never be repealed. 19:40 Andrew talks about traveling overseas for the first time and seeing for the first time just how wrong the US media and government propaganda is. 21:05 The 10 worst states to live in. These states make you ask, “Who won the Cold War?” PIIGS countries have higher disposable income than these poor states that include high unemployment and even low access to broadband internet. 22:04 Only half of New Mexico can get broadband internet. Andrew says that sounds almost third world. 23:39 Some Americans might as well live in Myanmar. 23:41 The “best” states to live in, such as New York, the US have very high taxes. 25:15 Portugal’s Golden Visa second residency program brought immigrant investors, but the US government won’t create a similar program because they don’t value capital. Smaller countries are better. 26:15 Bosnian banks won’t take foreign capital, but should. 28:13 Twenty-five years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, much of the US looks like East Berlin. Are 26 horsepower cars next for the increasingly poor westerners? 30:15 Would people in Mississippi vote to keep wealthy Chinese investors out? (Canada did) 32:14 Is having a Panama passport worth it? Could you renounce your US citizenship with it? 32:37 Why Malaysia “gets it”. 33:13 EU countries that can’t get visa-free access to the United States. 33:46 New EU regulations on businesses collecting VAT. Luxembourg’s tax advantages are being taken away. 35:54 Countries are marginalizing low tax countries and forcing them to adhere to stupid laws the same way California legislators make products more expensive for the entire US. 37:22 Where to set up an offshore company if you must do so in Europe. Andrew talks about forming a Gibraltar company. 39:37 Stephanie Murphy and Natalie Sisson both have controversial opinions, and why the NYC catcalling video turned out to be a scam. 40:13 The easiest second passport to get for westerners. Hint: try Panama, but don’t be afraid to get started. 41:31 The low cost of obtaining citizenship by descent in Italy or Ireland, Poland, or Greece. 42:27 Our contact for getting your ancestral passport in my private mastermind. 44:05 New FATCA style tax sharing law is passed. The best offshore banks are largely off limits to US citizens. Andrew discusses Peter Schiff’s Euro Pacific Bank in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, as well as Hermes Bank in the Caribbean… and why they won’t accept US citizens or residents.


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