US economy and the real unemployment rate

Unemployment numbers and other news the government doesn’t want you to know

Nomad Capitalist Report May 31, 2014 Dateline: Skopje, Macedonia

Topics discussed on this show:  Mainstream Media Agendas, U.S. Unemployment facts, Offshore Investments, Higher Education vs. Entrepreneurship

[2:30] Andrew talks about why the mainstream media wants you to think that everything is “getting better” in the global economy.

[9:35] Andrew looks at the numbers and talks about the reality of the troubled US economy

[15:50] Andrew dives into the ideals of the republican party and memorial day celebrations

[28:00] Andrew opens up about one of the biggest debates in both the offshore and financial world

[37:20] George Millow joins the show to talk to Andrew about “bucking the trend” of going to college

[43:40] George share his thoughts on exciting opportunities for young westerns in Vietnam

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Andrew Henderson
Last updated: Nov 8, 2014 at 6:07AM