Nomad Capitalist Report
Airdate: August 31, 2013

Topics discussed: Offshore banking, perpetual travel, location independent business

[0:00] Andrew talks about another online video decrying tax havens as evil, and demanding we all band together for collectivism. Andrew shares experiences from Cambodia that show that self-interest and self-reliance – not collectivism – will lift people out of poverty, just like singer Bono recently suggested. Andrew dismisses the idea that if we all pay our “fair share”, the governments’ problems will magically be solved!

[19:10] Pete Sisco from PeteSisco.comPete Sisco joins Andrew from Spain to talk about how his current “home” in bankrupt Europe is so far gone that they’re actually taxing sunlight! Pete shares his experiences as a perpetual travel guru who has made money online for the last 13 years – enough to go where he wants, whenever he wants! Pete Sisco also discusses why places like Southeast Asia will continue to rise up the economic ladder, and why places like The Land of the Free will continue to fall apart. He and Andrew talk about how those who don’t build an escape plan are leaving themselves wide open to big problems – all in the name of “patriotism”.

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Andrew Henderson
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