Nomad Capitalist Report
Airdate: June 29, 2013

Topics discussed: Fiat currency and gold, government propaganda, police state

[0:00] – Talk show host and bestselling author Charles Goyette talks about the Dollar Meltdown and the 100-percent failure rate of fiat currencies. Eloquent as always, he talks gold strategies and why Americans probably won’t stand up to demand more economic freedom. Plus, which countries Charles believes will fizzle out and the one history lesson the US hasn’t learned about economic freedom.

[19:57] – The mysterious editor of the Bilzerian Report talks about how government uses propaganda to steal your freedoms, and the small tricks they use to fool the public. He explains “Why Americans hate freedom so much” and how the people are allowing the government to create a police state worse than places like Iran. Plus, how the government owns your body, your money, and more.

[32:39] – “Attorney for Freedom” Marc Victor shares how he lost his job as a judge for refusing to take drug crimes and not follow the police state’s demands. He shares stories from his career as a defense attorney defending political prisoners of the world’s largest police state, and how you can take back your personal freedom and refuse to be a victim. Plus, the three words he recommends when talking to the cops.

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Andrew Henderson
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