This week’s episode of our weekly radio show aired February 16, 2013, on our flagship station WVNJ New York and online.

Chris Tell of Capitalist Exploits, who spent time in and wrote the book on investing in Mongolia. He explains the amazing opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors in boom markets like Mongolia, 2012’s fastest growing economy in the world, as well as Myanmar, Fiji, Cambodia, and others. Plus, how business in these up-and-coming nations is much easier than in the west.

Bill Stenger, owner of Jay Peak Resort in Vermont, on his aggressive use of the United States EB-5 visa program for foreign investors. He explains how those wanting to relocate their families to the US can invest $500,000 in a rural business that creates jobs and get a green card in return. His company has raised $300 million from investors all over the world, and he tells you how you can do it, too.

Andrew Henderson
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