Buying gold, mental sovereignty, and patriotism

Buying and storing gold offshore is one way to establish greater financial sovereignty.

Nomad Capitalist Report
February 1, 2014
Dateline: Chicago, USA

Topics discussed on this show:
Mental sovereignty, patriotism as a weapon, buying gold, and offshore gold storage.

[00:00] The Nomad Capitalist Report has an all new sound for 2014. Tune in and find out how we’re improving our show for the better!

[00:30] Andrew discusses the concept of mental sovereignty and how to escape tyranny with five simple words. He shares how your friends and neighbors use worthless buzz words to brand you as a traitor and an extremist for speaking out against totalitarianism. He explains the plan he has used in his own life to begin a life of perpetual travel and international diversification.

[22:54] The west is broke. Andrew discusses buying and holding offshore gold in places like Hong Kong and Singapore with Alan Bond from Roger shares his tips on not only why you need gold in your portfolio, but also how to buy and store gold offshore.

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Andrew Henderson
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