Aaron Marino of Alpha M

As seen on Shark Tank: Aaron Marino of Alpha M consulting

Andrew Henderson at Nomad Capitalist Passport to FreedomAndrew Henderson is the host of the Nomad Business Show, a weekly radio show that interviews successful entrepreneurs. Andrew has started several successful businesses in the US (and now around the world), including an $11 million broadcasting business that he started in his one-bedroom apartment at age 19.

Nomad Business Show – Episode #3

Guest: Aaron Marino
Company: Alpha M Consulting

Andrew interviews Aaron Marino, the stylish founder of information product Alpha M, which was seen on ABC’s Shark Tank. Aaron and Andrew talk about the parts of his business you DIDN’T see on Shark Tank, plus much more.

In this interview, Andrew and Aaron Marino discuss:

  • The beginnings of Alpha M, and what motivated Aaron to start his business
  • The differences he sees between a tangible product business model and an information product business model
  • The challenge of acquiring male customers for a style product
  • The best markets to sell a style product (including overseas), and lessons learned from geography
  • Why lowering prices at Alpha M actually created a BETTER quality customer
  • Challenging the conventional wisdom of the information product model
  • Aaron’s thoughts on “moving the free line” and putting out great videos and other content
  • How Alpha M balances online ad revenue and sponsorships with product sales
  • Why the sharks on Shark Tank didn’t understand the Alpha M business model… or did they?
  • Does Mark Cuban need to dress up?
  • … and more!

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Last updated: Jan 18, 2022 at 10:16AM