Heather Thorkelson on how to start a location independent business as an expat

Heather Thorkelson shares how to start a location independent business, including business ideas you should NOT consider. Plus, Andrew explains the snafu that caused some radio shows to go missing.

Nomad Capitalist Report
March 22, 2014
Dateline: Riga, Latvia

Topics discussed on this show:
Hiring assistants overseas, location independent business

[00:30] Andrew shares a shocking and potentially offensive reason for why there have been fewer radio shows posted online as of late. He discusses staffing changes at Nomad Capitalist and why you should consider hiring workers overseas.

[13:00] Andrew shares a new offering from Nomad Capitalist that will help you maximize your freedom and gain the knowledge of dozens of experts.

[19:57] Guest: Heather Thorkelson (Twitter)
Andrew talks to Heather Thorkelson, creator of the “Republic of Freedom”, about how to actually get a location independent business started. Heather has spent years as a perpetual traveler and digital nomad and shares the same secrets on getting motivated that she shares with her paying clients in consultations.

Heather and Andrew agree there are no excuses not to live the life you want. If you want to be an expat, find a way to do it. Heather suggests which location independent businesses might be a good fit for you, and which might drive you crazy. Hint: just because you enjoy something doesn’t mean it will make a good business!

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Dan Andrews

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