Nomad Capitalist Report
July 6, 2013

Topics discussed: Passport to Freedom, government slavery, location independent business

[0:00] – Andrew is live from Hong Kong – the world’s freest economy – and unveils a big announcement for Nomad Capitalists. If you want to escape government slavery and be a free person anywhere in the world, this is something you must hear!

[13:06] – Acclaimed libertarian commentator Stefan Molyneux discusses how governments have refined their playbook over the years. From ancient Egypt to the Middle Ages to now, governments find new ways to own you and tax you. He shares stories about how you are not free even today if everything you have is within one government.

[35:15] – Kevin from Freedom Lovin talks about starting an offshore business and being an overseas entrepreneur… or just empowering yourself to be able to make money anywhere. He shares his favorite places to travel to, and why being a man on the go is an important step to diversification.

Andrew Henderson
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