Cassie De Pecol Farnoosh Brock Breaking Free From Bad Government

Andrew Talks About Breaking Free From Bad Government, Productivity with Cassie De Pecol and Momentum Plays With Farnoosh Brock

Nomad Capitalist Report
May 17, 2014
Dateline: Bratislava, Slovakia

Topics discussed on this show:
Avoiding/Escaping Bad Government, Increasing Business Productivity, International Exposure, Expanding Your Business Horizons

[03:31] Andrew reviews the offshore account restriction situation that’s developing in the United Kingdom

[10:00] Andrew relates the U.K. situation to his own business and explains why he will never set foot in California for business purposes ever again

[20:44] Cassie De Pecol of TV’s “Naked and Afraid” gives Andrew her thoughts on having “naked pictures” of her all over the internet and a unique Eco-tourism opportunity

[35:36]  Farnoosh Brock of joins Andrew to talk about why you are probably packing your suitcase wrong and what she thinks is the next big “momentum play”

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