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As many of you know, this year’s Nomad Capitalist theme is ‘home.’ More and more of Andrew’s clients don’t want to be perpetual travelers. They want home bases, places where they can feel at home. What’s great is when clients finally do find a location where they can call home, they develop a sense of identity that they feel even more proud of.

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[1:25] This year’s Nomad Capitalist theme is ‘home.’

[2:55] On Andrew’s social media feed, he sees his clients buying homes in places where they finally feel at home.

[5:20] When Andrew brings on a client for the very first time, they go through an intense diagnostic process.

[7:35] Andrew loves seeing his clients painting walls, buying furniture, and settling into their new homes.


[9:30] Where did it all start for Brian?

[11:50] Brian ended up losing everything in the 2008 crash. This humbled a very cocky Brian at the time.

[18:45] Why did Brian have an ego problem?

[24:00] The financial success Brian achieved was not fulfilling. He felt fulfilled when he traveled.

[26:15] What’s life like in Bali for Brian? What kind of luxuries does he enjoy?

[31:20] How does Brian manage his business overseas?

[33:10] Brian highly recommends the development company called 10 Clouds.

[40:00] Indonesia wants to tax you on your worldwide income. Brian decided not to become an Indonesian resident.

[43:35] What is Brian’s company, CallerSmart, about?

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Email: [email protected]

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