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Andrew is back from his summer break! While he was away, he was off testing new overseas strategies to see how effective they are in practice. While there may be guys out there who are doing podcast episodes regularly, Andrew would rather get real, on the ground, experience about what it’s like living and investing overseas than to be known as the ‘media expert.’

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[2:00] As many of you know, Andrew used to be in radio. It was a common rule in radio to never share info that would date yourself/could be outdated in the future.

[2:25] Well, today’s episode will be breaking that rule.

[3:35] Andrew took about 6 weeks off to test out new overseas strategies.

[4:15] There are guys out there doing podcasts 5 days a week. You know what that makes them? Podcast experts, not nomad subject-matter experts. Andrew walks the walk and talks the talk, but in order to do that effectively, he has to take a break from podcasting.

[6:10] How long should you spend in each place when you’re living the nomad lifestyle?

[8:15] Not everyone can run their business successfully by bouncing around to a new country every 30 days.

[9:00] Andrew currently has 4 home bases.

[10:35] Watch the latest YouTube video that discusses how long a nomad should stay in one country.


[12:35] Why did Neil decide to become a DJ who travels around the world?

[14:05] Serious question, does Wales count as a country?

[22:50] How old was Neil when he started his own record label?

[27:30] Financial success is not Neil’s primary motivator.

[29:25] How did Neil build his career to the point where he was able to travel the world?

[36:20] Did women throw themselves at Neil because of his status?

[41:10] Why did Neil decide to move to Bulgaria?

[50:15] How did Neil meet his Bulgarian girlfriend?

[52:30] What kind of cultural differences has Neil spotted between those from Europe and the U.S.?

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