Andrew does a solo show this week on why it’s important to have the right mindset when you’re making some serious and potentially irreversible life choices. Don’t renounce your citizenship out of anger, it will not do you any good. Instead, take a break from it and come back with a different mindset on whether or not your home country can still serve you. From there, you can make the right choices based on your future dreams and goals.

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[1:55] Why does Andrew talk about mindset so darn much?

[8:25] Andrew knew someone who was really, really into the book, ‘The Secret.’ Andrew personally thinks that book is total bunk, but there are some lessons that can be learned from it.

[11:20] So, why is mindset so important? Because you eventually get rewarded for who you are and how authentic you are.

[16:15] Some listeners wrote to Andrew asking why did he decide to visit the U.S.

[17:15] Andrew hates it when countries issue him a ‘landing card,’ like Singapore and Indonesia.

[19:40] Andrew had been out of the United States for so long that coming back into the country just didn’t feel right.

[21:25] Andrew wondered to himself if he was okay with the idea of being a tourist in his own country.

[29:00] It’s important to do a ‘gut check’ on whether your home country can still provide the things that you want before you give it up for good.

[32:25] Don’t burn your home country’s passport out of frustration and anger.

[36:35] If your home country no longer serves you, it’s okay to go look for another one.

[41:15] Andrew answers some of your listener questions!

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