Andrew discusses how this year he paid zero U.S. income tax. How did he do it? Well, through the businesses and systems he’s set in place in different countries. It is possible to reduce your taxes through legal means, and no, it’s not an option only the rich have either. If you don’t want to pay so much in tax, then set up a nomad strategy that helps you succeed.

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[1:35] If you qualify as an expat, you get an extension in your income tax by default.

[1:50] Andrew paid zero on his income tax!

[4:00] However, Andrew has paid tax in 4 other countries this year.

[4:55] Are these tax options only available to the rich? No.

[6:05] Andrew is not a tax dodger. Everything he does is legal.

[7:25] Wanting to pay less tax does not make you a bad person or a tax dodger.


[10:25] Why did Ben decide to become an entrepreneur?

[12:00] When Ben got two clients for his company, he left the U.S. and went to Mexico.

[16:20] Ben had no plan B when he decided to take his business seriously.

[24:25] Ben met a woman shortly after he touched down in Mexico. How did the relationship progress beyond the honeymoon phase?

[29:30] When Ben went to Vancouver with his girlfriend, he ended up getting addicted to heroin.

[33:55] You can get into trouble anywhere in the world. You’ll never escape it.

[38:35] Being an addict and an entrepreneur who travels certainty has its challenges.

[39:25] There is no running away from yourself.

[40:10] We can change the location, but we can not change the person we are when we arrive at the location.

[44:10] If you’re struggling with your own demons, stop wearing a mask, and start being honest with people.

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