Andrew discusses the possibility of keeping your onshore options open. This year’s Nomad Capitalist theme is home, and so consider the possibility of picking a country and planting a home base, where you are able to get your residency and pay tax. No-tax countries are becoming harder to find, and it’s only a matter of time before they go completely extinct. Weigh both options of traveling without a home base vs. traveling with a home base, and you might find that your onshore options actually open more doors for you.

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[2:10] We all know about offshore asset location, but what about onshore strategies?

[4:55] Andrew is in love with Montenegro.

[8:20] Low-tax options across the world are becoming fewer and fewer.

[9:30] Sometimes paying 5-10% in tax is more worth than paying 0%.

[10:45] The best time to act is today.

[11:55] Instead of being a nomad, consider the onshore option and hit several birds with one stone. No-tax options are becoming far and few between.


[17:20] Why did Chris become an entrepreneur?

[21:00] Is teaching English a good way to ‘dip the toe’ into the nomad lifestyle?

[32:00] Chris discusses how he met his wife. He ended up meeting her in South Korea on an online dating site!

[42:40] What’s the difference between South Korea and Thailand?

[50:25] When you’re on dating sites or even dating in general, make your intentions clear!

[52:30] Chris had tried dating local women, but found out their goals were much different than his goals.

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