Andrew received some great feedback on last week’s solo episode discussing and debunking common tax and banking myths. However, one of the things he’s noticed is that some of you don’t feel comfortable sharing these nomad stories because your friends will not understand this lifestyle.

Well, Andrew believes it’s important to get these messages out there, so that it becomes more acceptable in your social circle to branch out and start businesses outside of your home town. In fact, 14 years ago, a location-independent business didn’t even exist. Now, everyone knows what that is and is okay about it!

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[2:00] Thank you for the feedback on last week’s show!

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[3:55] Do you feel like none of your friends really get this nomad lifestyle?

[6:25] Beware, the offshore world is going to get tricker, even when using legal strategies the way Andrew does.

[7:55] When Andrew first started 14 years ago, running a location-independent business wasn’t even a thing. Today, more people understand what that means.

[9:15] Want your friends to finally ‘get it’? Then tell them about it! Keep talking about it so it becomes normal.


[12:25] Why did Tim become an entrepreneur? How did he get started?

[14:55] Tim had to manage a full time job while starting his side hustle. How did he balance being an entrepreneur and employee at the same time?

[20:10] Bank doesn’t accept the kind of business you’re running? Don’t lie about it! Honest is really the best policy.

[26:30] Does Tim regret not being an EU citizen? He could have gotten a Dutch passport.

[33:25] Has Tim experienced any resentment for being a nomad?

[36:00] What is Tim’s business about?

[44:25] What are Tim’s thoughts on Taiwan? What kind of opportunities exist for foreigners over there?

[49:20] What’s next for Tim?

Andrew’s Editorial:

[51:40] When Andrew first decided to become a nomad, he was very much like Tim. He tries to consume as much information on the subject as possible.

[52:15] Don’t listen to an arm-chair expat. Find the experts and seek out their advice.

[55:25] Believe the sky’s falling? That’s your deal. Find someone who believes what you believe. Want to have multiple businesses offshore? Again, get the expert that aligns with your views and goals.

[57:40] When it comes to becoming a nomad, pick your message and go from there.

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