Andrew has not gotten Bill O’Reilly-ed! He’s been traveling Asia, and took some time out from hosting the show to get an on-the-ground perspective of what’s happening in banks in Hong Kong. Hong Kong banks are getting more and more hostile towards business owners, but if you’ve been following Andrew for some time, you’d know that is something he’s predicted since 2013!

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[1:55] Andrew will be doing a solo show today!

[3:35] Andrew finally closed his HSBC account.

[6:45] Is Hong Kong still a place to go?

[12:35] Be wary of people who give you answers to your problems without actually meeting you.

[15:45] One of the compliance employees at HSBC couldn’t even get a HSBC bank account for his side business.

[17:15] Andrew doesn’t have any secret powers. He learns by doing. Yes, by going out there and actually trying to set up bank accounts!

[21:20] Andrew saw problems arising with Hong Kong and their banking years ago. He first wrote about the issues in 2013!

[25:05] What are Andrew’s thoughts on China vs. India?

[31:45] A mayor in Sweden wants to give employees an hour work break for sex. But, what kind of great companies come out of Sweden? This is why Asia runs laps around places like Sweden. They want to work hard.

[40:10] It took one guest on the show three years to get rejected for residency in Costa Rica. Three years!

[43:25] Create a clear plan and strategy over where you want your life to go. When you have a clear plan in place, and say, Hong Kong banks try to screw you over, you are already miles away and not dealing with it!

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