Andrew’s recent trip to the ballet signals him to discuss the importance of knowing which Western countries require you to “Be Naked” or transparent with your income while lawyers in IBC countries can hide behind a “tax free” costume. Lisa Vexler of Family Freedom Project talks about residency requirements in Costa Rica, her 9 year old entrepreneur and how her family used “The Four Hour Workweek” as a guide to finding freedom.

Key Takeaways:

Andrews Editorial

[4:13] The culture and art of Eastern Europe

[5:45] International Business Companies – IBC’s

[7:59] United States LLC’s

[10:16] Western tax requirements for offshore companies

[13:26] Become a citizen of a country with reporting requirements

[15:16] Tax strategies for Digital Nomads

[17:11] Neil Strauss’s experience

The Interview:

[22:00] The story behind the success

[26:03] The Costa Rica a-ha moment

[28:25] Why Tamarindo?

[30:10] Offshore strategies for Costa Rica

[32:16] Finding the expat expert

[33:30] Costa Rica residency requirements

[36:20] Greatest business success

[37:19] Setting up a physical business in Costa Rica

[39:05] How did moving to Costa Rica strengthen your marriage

[40:24] A 9 year old’s Tico Surf business

Lightning Round

[41:48] One business – Coworking space

[42:09] One country – Costa Rica

[42:25] One book – Four Hour Workweek

[42:51] One tool – Remote mail reading service

Listener Question

[46:34] Doug wants to know “Which credit card has the maximum benefits?”

[48:31] American Express Platinum card pays for itself

[52:38] There’s a war for high end everything

[53:58] Adopting a sense of abundance


Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life – Neil Strauss

Family Freedom Project

Four Hour Workweek – Tim Ferriss 

Scan Mailboxes Solutions

The Roaring 2000’s – Harry S. Dent

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