Andrew explains what should be behind your decisions when choosing a second or third passport. Tim Beiko discusses how he can get you anything you want anywhere in the world, the drive behind his start up and the ease of starting his business and nomadic lifestyle in Singapore. And a listener question begets the questions “What are your goals?” and “How do you make it location independent?”

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial 

[3:04] Real diversification through multiple passports

[11:15] Where are you willing to live for your second passport?

[12:40] Where are you from?

[14:16] What is your priority?

[17:46] Andrew’s team can point you in the right direction

The Guest Interview:

[25:02] History of

[27:25] Drive behind this venture

[28:38] Unsexy businesses

[31:27] Singapore accepted us

[33:12] The tax haven adjacent

[33:40] branching out

[35:02] A Singapore Private Limited Company

[37:00] Formalities can be simple in Singapore

[37:45] International Accomplishments

[40:53] No offshore challenges

[42:03] Personal connections and angles

[43:07] Dating Robotics and long hours

The Lightning Round

[46:05] One business – Barbershop

[46:42] One country – Canada

[46:59] One book – Breakthrough Rapid Reading

[47:55] One tool – Expat Facebook Groups

Listener Question

[49:29] Madison asks “How do I live your lifestyle?”

[51:20] Andrew’s advice


Breakthrough Rapid Reading – Peter Kump

Peter Schiff

Motivation Manifesto – Brendan Burchard

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