Andrew is a big supporter of writing things down. He talks about some of the key lessons he has learned from Tony Robbins over the years about taking action. He shares this knowledge so that you, too, can work towards something meaningful. Andrew asks an important question: “What are your ‘must’ items in life?” What do you want to achieve before you die?” Write them down now so that you do not get distracted by the shiny, but meaningless objects that pass you by.

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[2:30] Andrew talks on how he wanted to create a different company culture for his business.

[4:15] You gotta have the right mindset when starting business offshore.

[5:10] Andrew and his team are setting aside time every day to learn how to be better at what they’re already doing.

[8:10] How can we implement better service principles?

[8:40] Quick action steps: Learn, write down your takeaways, and build an action plan.

[8:55] What are your ‘must’ items in your life?

[9:10] Andrew explains the 80/20 rule.

[10:45] Write down the things you have to have & the things you want to accomplish.

[11:45] Stop looking at the next shiny object and look at your ‘must have’ item list instead.

[13:15] Create a life you’re happy off!

[15:40] Ask yourself: What do I really want? Why do I want it? What do I need to do?

[21:50] Until you have your ‘why’, Andrew can’t help you.


[23:35] Andrew introduces Andy Galt.

[24:10] Why did Andy want to become an entrepreneur?

[25:25] What was Andy’s big ‘ah-ha’ moment?

[26:50] Americans prefer to borrow, whereas the Chinese prefer to save to start their business.

[29:10] You can’t really fix people in the Western world.

[31:25] Andy talks about running his web business in Georgia.

[32:50] Why did Andy pick Georgia?

[35:00] What are Andy’s thoughts on Asia vs. Europe?

[37:15] What kind of flags has Andy planted?

[41:30] What has been Andy’s greatest business success since leaving the US?

[44:20] Andy doesn’t like hiring Americans.

[45:10] Are Americans really that lazy?

[46:05] What kind of challenges has Andy experienced overseas?

[48:30] It’s a challenge finding love when you’re a nomad.

[49:25] Why is Tinder a problem?

The Lightning Round:

[51:50] One business – Prepaid cellphone kiosk.

[52:35] One country – Croatia.

[52:50] One book – The Road to Serfdom by F.A. Hayek

[53:30] One tool – Evernote.

Listener Question:

[56:05] What is Andrew’s number one criteria before moving to a country?

[59:00] Chile isn’t the worst place to go, but it’s not the best place either.

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