The average person is often under the wrong impression that having an offshore bank account is only for criminals. Andrew explains that not only is it legal to have an offshore bank account, but you should have one in order to successfully diversify and plant flags all over the world. Andrew emphasizes the importance of aligning yourself with like-minded people that won’t treat you like a criminal for planting new flags.

Andrew’s Editorial:

[1:35] The mainstream media doesn’t want you to have a second passport.

[2:05] Andrew has hosted his last Passport to Freedom event.

[2:35] The average person thinks if you have an offshore company you’re a criminal.

[3:25] 40% of millennials wouldn’t mind if the 1st amendment went away.

[6:00] Andrew shares a story about his friend losing weight.

[11:35] You have to motivate yourself to get things accomplished.

[16:00] If you invest $9 in yourself, you’ll get $9 results.

[21:35] If you don’t have wealth to protect, then come back when you’re ready.


[23:30] How did Nicholas get started in entrepreneurship?

[24:15] What motivated Nicholas to travel?

[25:15] By traveling frequently, Nicholas learned about a lot of cultural differences.

[25:55] Nicholas talks about his company.

[26:35] Why start a business in the UK?

[28:45] There’s more developers in London, but they get paid less.

[30:45] Is it hard to setup a business in Germany without learning German?

[33:00] Nicholas says it’s hard to find good talent in London.

[34:45] What kind of tax benefits/cuts are there for starting a business in London?

[37:10] Go through the extra steps and ensure your company is setup correctly.

[37:40] What other flags has Nicholas planted in the UK?

[37:55] Banking in the UK is difficult.

[40:45] Nicholas believes he wouldn’t be able to start his current business in Germany.

[42:15] What kind of challenges has Nicholas faced?

[43:25] The world is really a small place.

The Lighting Round:

[46:05] One business – Catering.

[46:50] One country – US.

[47:35] One book – Zero to One by Blake Masters and Peter Thiel.

[48:35] One tool – Mindmeister and Tree House.

Listener Question:

[50:20] Can you get Malaysian citizenship after 12 years?

[51:25] Asia isn’t always friendly for residency.

[52:10] Malaysian doesn’t allow dual citizenship.

[53:25] Why do you really need a second passport?

[56:10] Keep your current passport and get something else.

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Zero to One by Blake Masters and Peter Thiel

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