In Andrew’s intro, he talks on taking a break from the nomad lifestyle and briefly touches on New Year’s resolutions. Today’s guest is Eric Highsmith, the director of Scottsdale Mint, a US based company that manufactures bullion. Eric discusses why you should diversify your investment strategy and how to safely transfer your gold to Singapore.

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[3:00] Take a vacation.

[7:00] Tired of paying too much tax? Live somewhere else.

[8:40] Andrew didn’t want to send 40-50% of his income to the IRS.

[9:30] You can save money!

[11:30] Take action now.


[15:10] Why did Eric get into the gold market?

[21:10] Is gold a dead asset?

[25:20] How is Eric diversifying?

[27:30] Does he plan on branching out into other metals?

[29:40] How can you get your personal gold into Singapore?

[35:25] Biggest challenge of having a business? Partnering with the right people.

[39:15] Who you trust is very important for diversifying your money and portfolio.

The Lighting Round:
[40:50] One country – Singapore.

[41:35] One business – A bar.

[42:35] One book – Anything by Warren Buffett.

[43:10] One tool – Cellphone.

Listener Question:

[46:10] Subscribe to us on iTunes.

[46:25] Where to celebrate a Nomad New Year’s Eve?

[48:15] Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other places in the Middle East.

[49:25] Check out European countries like Spain and Scotland.

[50:40] New to being a nomad? Go to Asia.

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