Should you move to Georgia and setup a business there? Andrew talks on his last trip to Georgia and how much he loves the government’s efficiency in getting everything you need setup in one building. Andrew makes a valid point that entrepreneurs need to know what their time is worth. Is your time worth standing in lines and running around the country to get the needed paperwork or could you use that time to be making deals and making money? Georgia may be the place for entrepreneurs looking for a new start.

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[2:35] Should you move to Georgia?

[5:20] Georgia’s government is incredibly efficient.

[11:00] Georgia isn’t no tax, but it certainty is low tax.

[14:00] Your time is valuable, which is why you should go where you’re treated best.

[16:20] Entrepreneurs love banking in Georgia.


[18:35] Andrew introduces Matt Newton.

[18:55] What does Matt think about Chile?

[21:00] Why did Matt become entrepreneur?

[24:10] Where has Matt traveled to?

[25:10] Is Chile pro-business?

[28:50] Will Matt be staying in Chile or become a perpetual traveler?

[30:30] What kind of flags has Matt planted?

[33:50] What kind of opportunities did Matt get in Chile that he couldn’t get in Australia?

[35:15] Banking in the US was the hardest.

[37:10] Matt talks about the romantic side of things of being a perpetual traveler.

The Lighting Round:

[39:20] One business – Latin job boards.

[40:40] One country – Spain

[41:50] One book – The 7 Day Startup by Dan Norris.

[43:10] One tool – Minaal backpack.

Listener Question:

[45:35] What are the best citizenship by investment programs out there?

[49:45] You don’t necessarily have to spend more money to get the best service.

[52:20] Visa free access to Europe may be a good option for you.

[52:55] Caribbean options can open you up to more borders without a visa.

[54:40] Nomad Capitalist can help you with this process.

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The 7 Day Startup by Dan Norris

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