What would the world look like for US citizens living abroad if Bernie Sanders is elected President? Andrew cites an article he read in Forbes on some of the tax damages US citizens might face and other consequences to their income if Bernie were to be elected. Andrew also let’s the audience know that he will be selecting 5 people to help them develop a bulletproof action plan to better secure their financial future and plant multiple flags.

Ben Wolford is a freelance journalist and the Founder of Latterly, a digital magazine for international journalism. Ben Wolford talks on working as a freelance journalist in New York City, why he and his wife moved to Dominican Republic, and some of the challenges they’ve faced along the way.

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[4:00] It’s possible every tax break for expats may go away when a new President in 2017 comes into power.

[5:10] What’s the tax risk if Bernie Sanders wins?

[14:05] What happens if you make half a million a year? What does that mean for your taxes?

[19:20] Andrew believes the US is going to remain in bad shape.

[20:05] Bernie Sanders wants to tax your entire income for social security.
[24:45] Andrew will be selecting 5 podcast listeners and helping them develop a bulletproof action plan. Please email Andrew (at) NomadCapitalist.com for more info.


[26:55] Andrew introduces Ben Wolford

[27:20] Ben shares his story.

[30:10] When was Ben and his wife’s ‘ah-ha’ moment?

[34:15] How has living abroad helped Ben’s business?

[37:55] If Ben was in the US, he would not have an opportunity to start his business.

[39:45] What kind of flags has Ben been planting?

[41:30] Tax preparations for freelancers overseas is not easy.

[43:20] What kind of challenges has Ben and his wife faced?

The Lighting Round:

[46:25] One business – Food truck.

[47:00] One country – Italy

[47:22] One book – Homelands by Stephan Faris

[48:10] One tool – Google Docs

Listener Question:

[49:45] Nomad Capitalist doesn’t want you to hide money or do things illegally.

[50:15] What does Andrew think about the South American citizenship programs?

[52:05] Be careful who you trust.

[55:05] Where can you get a passport in six months?

[56:15] Getting a high-end hook up is not going to help you.

[57:45] If you’re a US citizen and have some wealth, Andrew can help you.

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