Andrew received a listener question that inspired him to write a Nomad Capitalist blog post. If you renounce your US citizenship, can you return to visit friends and family? The answer may surprise you. Andrew recommends that you understand the risks and whether or not they apply to you before making that decision. There are very few countries that have visa-free access to the United States and if you’re planning to travel there regularly with a US passport, be prepared to experience some hassles.

Kisha Mays is the Founder of Just Fearless, a company that helps entrepreneurs build both national and global businesses. Kisha is also the author of From Failure to Fearless, which can be bought on Amazon. We find out how she got the entrepreneurial bug, why she decided to travel, and some tips on running a successful international business.

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[2:15] Currencies are currently dropping.

[4:55] Purchasing property in countries where currencies are low can be very valuable.

[5:50] Email Andrew and let him know what you need help with.

[8:40] Please feel free to give Andrew feedback.


[10:00] Andrew introduces Kisha Mays

[11:25] Why did Kisha decide to become an entrepreneur?

[15:00] How did Kisha get into traveling with her business?

[18:20] Kisha talks why she went to Spain.

[20:35] How has Kisha diversified her business?

[21:25] What has Kisha’s experience been with setting up her company in Hong Kong?

[22:50] Kisha recommends incorporating your company overseas and then operating in the US, if you want to.

[25:20] What kind of challenges has Kisha faced by having an international business?

[26:15] Kisha had a hard time starting her business in Thailand.

[27:30] What has made having an international business all worth while on a personal level?

The Lighting Round:

[30:20] One business – Tourist business.

[30:40] One country – Spain.

[31:10] One book – From Failure to Fearless by Kisha Mays

[31:35] One tool – Basecamp or Trello

Listener Question:

[33:15] If I renounce my US citizen, can I visit my family?

[35:40] There are 40 countries that let you go into the United States visa-free.

[37:55] What happens if you renounce your original citizenship once you have your second passport?

[39:50] The United States -might- grant visa-free access to 7-8 new countries.

[41:00] Understand if you renounce your US citizenships, you’ll have the same visa restrictions as everyone else.

[42:30] There’s no guarantee you can visit family or friends if you renounce your citizenship.

[44:00] Know the risks and understand if they matter to you or not.

[44:30] Feel free to contact us and let us know your story.

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