The world is changing and it’s changing fast. Do you have a backup plan for the growing entrepreneur economy? People from places like India are being forced to become entrepreneurs and are willing to work for low hourly fees. How can you keep up? Andrew announces his members-only workshop on how to grow an online business, build capital, and secure your future. Feel free to contact him for more information on the event.

Vincenzo Villamena runs an online tax business out of Colombia. He believes Colombia is the new nomad city in Latin America. He talks on how he made the switch from corporate life to moving to a completely different country. Medellin has become an excellent and safe city to live in and Vincenzo had no problem acquiring a visa within the first few weeks of living there.

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[3:05] Before you go offshore, you need to have some sort of wealth or income.

[4:55] If you do not make a change to your income now, you will be thrown off the boat.

[7:00] In Taylor Pearson’s book, The End of Jobs, Taylor says entrepreneurship is becoming the new normal.

[9:35] Andrew’s mistake was not leaving the United States sooner when he had an established income.

[12:00] Do you have a plan when you aren’t able to run your location-based business anymore?

[13:25] People in places like India are forced to become entrepreneurs.

[15:35] Don’t listen to the politicians who say they can bring back ‘more American jobs’. It’s not possible.

[17:10] There will be a small members-only workshop hosted in Kuala Lumpur on Aug 27th..

[18:25] At the workshop, Andrew will teach you how to grow an online business.

[19:50] Email Andrew (at) for more info on the workshop.

[20:55] Not sure how to start? This workshop is for you.

[21:30] The ultimate safe heaven is knowing you’re in control of your destiny.


[23:00] Why did Vincenzo decide to become a tax entrepreneur?

[24:30] Vincenzo is glad he got the hands-on experience at a corporate company.

[26:20] Would working in the corporate world help your business?

[27:55] How did Vincenzo go from New York to starting his business in Colombia?

[33:00] Medellin is the new nomad city in Latin America.

[35:00] How is Vincenzo diversifying his business?

[38:00] Vincenzo was able to get his visa in a couple of weeks.

[40:55] There’s Uber in Colombia.

The Lighting Round:

[42:30] One business – Something service-oriented targeting the expat community.

[43:05] One country – Italy.

[43:55] One book – The Four Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss

[44:55] One tool – Solve360 and Asana

Listener Question:

[47:05] Rodrigo has a lawyer problem in Panama, what should he do?

[48:30] Lawyers can be slow to respond, especially in Latin America.

[49:55] Tips for finding a good lawyer in Latin America? Nomad Capitalist vets a lot of their lawyers. Contact Andrew or his team.

[51:35] Be patient. The government will be slow.

[51:55] Get help before you get started.

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