Young couples have been asking Andrew about starting a family overseas and what the best options are for them. Andrew has written a comprehensive guide on 29 countries that will give citizenship by birth. He also talks on why having children in a foreign hospital will not only be cheaper, but the medical care will be just as good or better than what you will receive in the US. Michael Cobb is a successful business man and a global entrepreneur. He talks to Andrew on why he loves living in Nicaragua and why he believes Belize is a great option for offshore strategies.

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[2:00] How can we give our children the best opportunities?

[4:55] Have additional citizenships to pass on to your children.

[7:45] Medical tourism is a valid option and it can save you thousands of dollars. 

[9:15] Why not have a baby overseas? Get great care for your child and save on medical bills.

[11:45] There are 30 countries that give citizenships by birth.

[15:40] It’s possible to give 2-3-4 citizenships to your children.

[18:10] The Norman Guide to Foreign Real Estate is coming out this Friday.


[21:15] How did Mike Cobb become a global entrepreneur?

[27:35] Is Belize a good option for investing and living?

[32:30] The quality of life in Nicaragua far exceeds the quality of life in the US.

[34:25] The things that cost more in Latin America are electronics, cars, and imported goods.

[35:40] How do you get your partner to move to a foreign country with you?

[37:30] Countries like Panama, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua are only two hours away from Miami.

[39:05] Mike recommends an English language jurisdiction for offshore accounts.

[44:25] Having a good mindset is key when traveling around the world.

Listener Question:

[45:45] Is Georgia a good place to be a resident?

[46:45] Georgia has made residency easy. You can spend 360 days in the country visa free.

[49:00] Andrew recommends Malaysia and Georgia as great places to be a resident.

[50:00] Georgia passport isn’t great right now, but having a residency there is a good thing.

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