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On last week’s episode, Andrew discussed how it will potentially be harder for U.S. citizens overseas to live a tax-free lifestyle based on the new tax plans that have been proposed. With that being said, Americans are not the only people who will have to worry. The EU is also going to become stricter. As we round down for the year, why not make ‘getting a second passport’ a part of your new year’s resolutions for 2018? You never know when you’re going to need that plan B.

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[1:35] Lots of uncertainty right now for U.S. citizens living overseas.

[2:40] Andrew just picked up two new residency cards recently. He’ll be trying it out and seeing how it goes.

[4:05] A great new year’s resolution for the upcoming year is to get your second citizenship!

[4:35] It’s going to become harder for EU citizens to pack their bags and go.

[5:25] Remember, the rules are getting stricter everywhere, not just the U.S..

[8:00] The new year is the perfect time to come up with your plan B when/if it comes time you are fed up with your home country.


[13:55] Why did Matt decide to become a nomad?

[17:50] When Matt went to Iceland for the first time, his mind was blown!

[20:35] Why are you addicting to the notifications? Stop it. Go explore the world.

[23:35] When Matt started Under 30 CEO, what did he learn about young CEOs?

[28:15] Matt realized that instead of blowing all his money on New York rent, he could take it and have meaningful experiences throughout the world. His money would last longer, too.

[32:45] Why did Matt decide to run a tour company? How did he get to this next step?

[36:45] Matt has offices in Austin, Texas, and Central America. Why did he decide to split the company up in this way?

[41:35] Right now, Matt’s company is an LLC in the US. However, he is looking into maybe opening a company in Latin America.

[46:25] How does Matt design his tours? What can his customers expect?

[48:15] What’s the new ‘Iceland’ of the world?

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