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Andrew Henderson wrote the #1 best-selling book that redefines life as a diversified,
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102: Adrian Scoffham, Who Wants to Own a Porsche?


Adrian Scoffham for Nomad Capitalist Live

Andrew admires Millennials. They seem to get it right compared to all the other generations out there. Why own a home, or even a car, when you can travel and live a more freedom-based lifestyle? Andrew recently came across a Bloomberg article about Porsche changing up their business model to entice more Millennials into buying their cars. Car manufacturers are struggling because Millennials aren’t interested in the challenges and complications of car ownership.

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[1:40] Porsche has a new subscription-based model out right now. Andrew reads an article from Bloomberg news about it.

[3:15] According to the article, the economy now has successful Millennials who have the financial power to own a high-end car.

[3:35] Andrew hasn’t owned a car for more than four years.

[5:20] The desire to own a car just isn’t there with the younger generation.

[7:40] Not owning a car is, frankly, fantastic. So much less stress.

[9:00] With the people Andrew works with, very few of them buy a car despite saving enough money in taxes to buy 10 luxury cars.

[10:20] Why do you want to be part of a system that forces you to own, forces you to pay high taxes, and gives you very little rewards in return?

[11:45] You can take advantage of the way the system (the law) is set up so you can go where you’re treated best.

[15:10] If Andrew ever wants to go back to the ‘ownership’ experience, he can… by renting a car for a day or for a month.

[16:00] Despite all the criticism Millennials receive, Andrew admires that they’re not interested in the status quo. They want a better quality life for themselves.


[18:15] Why are British people so darn likable?

[20:10] So many people in the UK have expatriated to other countries due to the bad economic situation that happened in 2008.

[21:20] What was Adrian’s journey into becoming a nomad?

[23:55] Lose your ego when you travel and be prepared to make a complete idiot out of yourself.

[26:20] When Adrian first went to Poland, it was 20 years ago and it was much, much different than it is today.

[28:25] What made Adrian decide to leave his home country?

[30:55] Andrew could never play the office politics very well and neither could Adrian. It’s one of the big reasons why Adrian became a nomad.

[32:05] After 20 years of traveling, what kinds of lessons has Adrian learned along the way?

[35:00] For many British citizens, Germany is quite the culture shock. How did Adrian manage so well in these ‘stricter’ countries?

[39:40] What made Adrian decide to settle down in one country?

[43:05] What’s the difference between the business mindset of the Czechs and the Polish?

[46:15] Doing business in Georgia with Georgians isn’t the easiest thing to do.

[49:10] Is Tbilisi the place to be for creative professionals?

[54:00] Is Adrian living in Georgia just on a tourist visa or how has he set that up for himself?

Mentioned in This Episode:

Email: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]

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“Drivers Can Get Porsches on Demand With a $2,000-a-Month Subscription,” by Gabrielle Coppola, Bloomberg


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