It’s no accident that today, April 15th, Andrew’s choice of first guest on the new show is an international entrepreneur who has successfully cherry picked the best economics out of every country he does business in. He is a border security nightmare as he travels from country to country with monitor and recording equipment in hand. He peers inside the North American culture with an outsiders view and his one pair of jeans.

Key Takeaways:

[0:50] Why April 15th for the new show?

[3:21] The Nomad’s history and vision for your future

[10:10] Go where you are treated best.

[14:30] Watching out for bad information and fraud.

[16:00] What do we do next?

[17:45] Beliefs of the Nomad Capitalist


[21:56] Introducing the interview portion.

[23:04] Corey’s background.

[24:10] Everybody has a podcast.

[25:00] or

[27:38] What’s wrong with Costa Rica?

[28:56] Territorial tax systems.

[29:19] The perfect set-up.

[30:02] Why Costa Rica in the first place?

[31:19] The a-ha moment.

[32:18] A strip down and rebuild

[32:26] What changed

[33:30] The immigrant song

[34:27] The challenge of a man

[35:02] Failing up

[35:49] Breaking free from the system

[36:38] Self actualizing

[37:25] The base strategy

[39:23] I fell into the world

[39:57] Almost ready for primetime

[40:45] The nitty gritty, wins and losses

[42:08] Immigration process of Costa Rica

[43:00] Cherry picking international economics

[43:35] Clients want Paypal

[44:11] The last 8 years

[44:47] The bar to access big wigs

[46:33] My doctor is my friend on Facebook

[48:17] Hyper – awareness of the fish bowl

[49:36] Banking challenges of Latin America

[50:10] Issue’s with border security in the U.S.

[52:19] A job in radio

[52:58] Hiring American employees

[54:45] The Nomad’s 3 big questions

[57:40] Picking up chicks with your shopping bag

[1:01:20] Your offshore action plan

[1:02:45] Eric sends a popular question

[1:04:15] Stepping out of the shadows

[1:06:40] The Nomad Guide

[1:09:52] Good, solid advice

[1:10:50] Your life diversified

[1:12:31] What is your story?

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