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Andrew received a listener email asking about some of the places you can settle down, raise children, and get citizenship through marriage. Now, let’s be clear, you should not have a sham wedding as that is not only illegal, but it most likely will cause you more stress than it is worth. Getting citizenship through marriage isn’t that common these days, but there are still some countries out there that will let you do it.

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[1:40] Andrew reads out loud a listener email about settling down and raising children on this nomad lifestyle.

[4:15] Why stick around and live in a place where you’re actively discriminated against?

[5:00] Don’t have a sham marriage just for the passport.

[7:00] Nomad Capitalist does have a list of countries where you can obtain citizenship via marriage.

[12:10] Being married to an EU citizen definitely has its advantages.

[14:55] There’s nothing wrong with going out there and dating someone from a different culture, especially if you can’t find what you’re looking for at home.


[19:25] When did the travel bug first begin for Brian?

[22:15] Why is Brian still a nomad? What keeps him going?

[24:25] You have to be honest with yourself, and make sure your travel lifestyle meets your needs and comforts.

[25:25] It’s okay if you just want to dip your toe in and test the waters. You don’t need to create a big splash in order to become a nomad.

[26:50] You can travel on your own time. Don’t feel obligated to check off a box you don’t even want to check off in the first place.

[31:00] What’s Brian’s routine? How does he balance travel and work?

[36:30] Brian has four cities — four home bases — he regularly goes to.

[40:50] So many nomads try to get the cheapest price, but cheap doesn’t mean good value. Those who ‘cheap it out’ don’t always have a good quality of life.

[48:05] You will always feel a connection to the place you grew up, but it doesn’t make it home, and there’s no reason to get upset over the crazy things (political or otherwise) that are happening there.

[52:40] You, yourself, have to put in the effort of finding a location that works for you. Andrew cannot do everything.

[55:25] This year’s theme at Nomad Capitalist is home. If you’re ready to find it, contact Andrew and his team!

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