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Brie Moreau was raised by French hippie parents. He’s traveled all over the world and had even been to 17 different primary schools when he was a young child. He admits he pretty much grew up in a van. Some parents believe that children need stability and a ‘home’ in order to thrive, but Brie disagrees. Through his own personal life experiences, he was taught how to be self-reliant and to take risks. On today’s episode, Brie discuss what his young nomad life was like, and how it has shaped him for the better.

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[1:30] Andrew just got back from a Nomad Capitalist mastermind in Dublin.

[2:45] Check out the Youtube channel to see what you missed from the event.


[3:55] Brie is the love child of two French hippies and has lived all over the world.

[4:35] When did Brie realize he was a nomad?

[6:15] Brie pretty much grew up in a van and never really had a ‘home’.

[7:40] What kind of lessons did Brie learn as a young child and traveling the world?

[8:25] Don’t need children need some ‘roots’?

[11:30] Brie was taught radical self-reliance as well as the ability to say yes and take risks. He’s not afraid to fail.

[15:55] To ask yourself, ‘Where should I live?’ is a tough question.

[21:30] As a French and Australian citizen, how easy has it been for Brie to travel and be a nomad?

[25:00] Would Brie like to become an Indonesian one day?

[31:55] Nomads are going out and creating their own ecosystem. Having a ‘Silicon Valley’ will not just be a U.S. thing. Andrew believes we’ll be seeing big hubs soon.

Andrew’s Editorial:

[34:20] Nomad Capitalist has been receiving a lot of interesting questions lately!

[35:15] Ten years ago, there wasn’t a lot of information about becoming a nomad.

[35:50] Today, there’s too much information and people are getting confused.

[36:20] Andrew has spent over a million dollars trying to find the perfect nomad strategy.

[41:00] When asking too specific questions, it becomes difficult to answer without knowing your whole story. That’s when a real conversation needs to take place. Random strangers shouldn’t be answering these Questions.

[43:35] Want to be your own doctor? Go right ahead.

[46:00] You have to pay for good advice. Free advice can damage you.

[47:55] A lot of people want the end results, but they’re not willing to do those push ups. You gotta get sweaty!

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