Ashley Dymock is the author of World Schooling, a book on how to keep your nomadic lifestyle when you’re ready for the next phase of your life and to have kids. Many people feel like they should give up their lifestyle and settle down somewhere. Well, Ashley says no! You have other options! Find out how you can live a nomadic lifestyle with children, on this week’s episode.

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[2:05] It’s always easy to tell who’s taking action, and who’s sitting on the sidelines.

[3:00] Every year, Andrew is learning new things, and what’s working/not working.

[4:50] When you’re seeking out help, keep this in mind: Moving forward generates mastery.

[5:35] Get your taxes taken care of, build the freedom lifestyle you want, and then invest your income.


[7:25] How can people be a perpetual traveler with a child?

[9:00] What’s the biggest thing Ashley learned from writing the World Schooling book?

[10:10] There are thousands of people educating their children while traveling!

[12:10] You can design your life the way that you want.

[13:00] Take a step back — what’s the purpose of the education system? Can they do a better job than you?

[16:25] When did the traveling start for Ashley?

[21:25] What does it really mean to be a nomad?

[24:25] What’s the best way to approach world schooling?

[28:10] Ashley has been robbed 4 times, but you know, life goes on!

[30:55] Children can help open doors for citizenship as well.

[35:00] Can unschooling your children really be the best option for them?

[41:35] The traditional education system is not preparing our sons and daughters for ‘real life.’

[47:55] What do children really need to ‘know’?

[51:00] There’s no template for how you should teach your children.

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World Schooling: How to Revolutionize Your Child’s Education Through Travel

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