Andrew is currently listening to an audio book by Bernard Roth called Achievement Habit. In the book, they talk about why your ‘reasons are BS’. Andrew agrees. Whatever might be holding you back right now to live the life of your dreams is BS! Don’t get sucked up in the excuses.

Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[1:35] Andrew is currently listening to a book called Achievement Habit, by
Bernard Roth.

[2:40] The reasons that are holding you back are BS.

[4:00] Lots of opportunities in the real estate business.

[5:50] Invest in something stable. Invest in what you understand.

[7:20] Avoid the American real estate companies, because they bank on rich investors!

[8:20] Andrew knows some great guys who run a property management company in Cambodia.


[10:00] Corey refuses to buy works!

[11:00] Who is Corey?

[13:55] Was Corey ever afraid he was going to get sucked into the corporate machine when he took a job in Costa Rica?

[15:40] Central America’s culture is just a lot slower pace compared to everywhere else.

[19:00] How did Corey transition from the paradise job to entrepreneur?

[24:35] After being fired from his job in Costa Rica, Corey did not want to return to Canada.

[27:55] Costa Rica can make you lazy. You can quickly become that fat dude sitting at the beach bar.

[29:55] You have to challenge yourself by traveling elsewhere for periods of time, because Costa Rica moves slow.

[30:55] Corey is currently in Canada right now and he recently went out and bought two winter jackets — something he hasn’t done in 10 years.

[36:00] Why did Corey decide to create Podfly?

[40:55] Corey talks about applying for Costa Rican residency.

[46:00] Does Corey plan to stay in Costa Rica forever?

[51:00] Nobody cares where in the world you’re based out of nowadays.

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Achievement Habit, by Bernard Roth

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